CADE Training in the Cloud

The CADE Training eco-system is a suite of cloud-based training applications from which training organizations can pick and chose to create, deliver and measure training performance. The eco-system is made up of several integrated components.
Eterna Proficiency Training

As an alterative to annual re-certifications, training organizations can leverage Eterna to improve the proficiency level of their leaners through daily testing and training. Provided the learners maintain a minimum test score specified by the training organization, their annual re-certification requirement can be waived.

The CADE mobile application is designed for mobile employees or contractors to access job-aids or short courses created with the CADE Authoring software. Allows for rapid development of interactive videos for mobile training. Ideal for product training or on-the-job performance support (job aids).  Includes CADE's easy-to-use authoring software.
CADE On-line Training

The CADE Training eco-system enables you to publish your own or 3rd party courses on-line, and assign those courses to learners with pre-requisites or even as part of a curriculum. The system tracks all attendance and scores for reporting and certification purposes.
CADE Author

With the cloud-based CADE Author software, trainers and subject matter experts can rapidly create how-to videos using their laptop, PowerPoint and their mobile devices. The easy-to-use software is part of the CADE eco-system and is ideal for creating training content for product training or on-the-job performance support (job aids). 

Site or Corporate Administrators can generate custom reports using the CADE reporting tool. All learner activity, whether delivered on-line, via mobile or Eterna is tracked and can be used to generate reports and charts which can be emailed automatically to managers.

CADE analytics provide you with statistical snapshots about your learning organization. This information will help you identify knowledge and compliance gaps down to the learner or the test question level. You can also customize your dashboard to display the charts that matter to you most.
CADE Proctor

As an alternative to sending employees or contractors to third party testing centers, the CADE Training eco-system enables learners to enroll in live, on-line proctored exams administered by a Learn.net proctor. CADE Proctor saves time and money as your employees no longer need to travel and can take their certification exam from anywhere.