True Distributed Learning

Instead of using Eterna only to test and identify knowledge or compliance gaps, why not also deliver your training using the same daily delivery model? True Distributed learning, just the way we like to process information today: just in time, just in place and JUST ENOUGH.
“After 18 months of testing and training with Eterna, we noticed a significant improvement in Eterna test and compliance scores among our collectors. Our collectors are more proficient than ever. But, more importantly, we have experienced a 50% drop in compliance violations.”
Terry Johnson, President
HSI Financial Services (Atlanta)
Eterna 3.0

Eterna 3.0 is the next generation of Learn.net's innovative, cloud-based compliance conditioning platform. It includes extensive upgrades to our reporting and analytics tools and the ability to incorporate voice recordings in Eterna questions. More importantly, Eterna 3.0 now includes the CADE Author software which you can use to create your own job-aids or training courses, publish those courses on CADE and assign them to your learners.
Lessons Learned

After 18 months of compliance conditioning with Eterna, our clients have learned a few things. Their employees are getting smarter.

Site or Corporate Administrators can generate custom reports using the CADE reporting tool. All learner activity, whether delivered on-line, via mobile or Eterna is tracked and can be used to generate reports and charts which can be emailed automatically to managers.

CADE analytics provide you with statistical snapshots about your learning organization. This information will help you identify knowledge and compliance gaps down to the learner or the test question level. You can customize your dashboard to display the charts that matter the most to you.
Eterna Audibles

Call center training frequently includes the reviewing of phone recordings to identify compliance violations. Eterna 3.0 includes the ability to insert a recorded phone call into a daily Eterna question.
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Implementing your Eterna 30-day trial is quick & easy:
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  2. If you are a collection agency, we’ll automatically assign you the FDCPA test. If not, contact us for an alternative test.
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How much does Eterna cost?

Eterna only costs a few dollars per employee per month, no extra charges. Please email eterna@learn.net to get a quotation for your organization or contact Shawna at (770) 642-4400.