After 18 months of compliance conditioning with Eterna, our clients have learned a few things:

Eterna Feedback

·         Collectors prefer one test question/topic per day over multiple questions once a week

·         On average, Collectors spend between 15-45 seconds answering their daily Eterna question

·         Voluntary participation rates were high (96%+)


Low Initial Test Scores

·         Compliance Officers were frequently surprised by their collectors’ first cycle(1) Eterna scores. 
Test Scores (depicting knowledge comprehension and retention) were lower than anticipated - on average, 60% scored below 90%;
15% scored below 80%!

Eterna Scores

(1)     An Eterna “cycle” completes when a collector has answered all their questions correctly, and achieves a 100% compliance score


The Good News

·         The 2nd Cycle produced 24% more 90-100% scores compared to the 1st Cycle, a 59% improvement! 
The majority of these high-scoring collectors came from the 70-89% category.


Compliance Conditioning