Accounts Receivable Management

Collection agencies use Eterna 3.0 to train their agents on regulatory compliance, company best practices and client policies. Eterna includes free tests on FDCPA, HIPAA, FCRA, SCRA and other topics. Using the CADE Author software, training managers can also create and add their own compliance courses which are assigned and delivered online via CADE.
“I have been absolutely astounded by Eterna which offers a solid answer to our compliance education, assessment and retention concerns.”
Harry Strausser III
Past ACA President
“Eterna instills a culture of compliance that starts each employee’s day by focusing on compliance from the get-go.”

Jack W. Brown, President
Service Technicians

Employees in the service industry are often mobile or not desk-bound. Using Eterna and/or technical job-aids developed with CADE, service centers are able to provide performance support and evaluate field technicians’ knowledge and provide continuous improvements and video-based learning.
Call Centers

Depending on the nature of the call center, employees must be either proficient on technical topics, or compliant with regulatory requirements. Call centers can leverage both Eterna and the CADE Training on-line courses and tests to train, measure and maintain knowledge and comprehension on a variety of topics.
Construction Managers

In addition to company policies and procedures, the construction industry must remain compliant with many federal regulations such as OSHA or EPA. CADE Training and/or Eterna are ideally-suited to provide initial as well as recurring training, and certifications.